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It is our belief that only licensed wildlife care professionals should have open access to information that would provide specific instructions on how to do an activity that is illegal for unlicensed people. If you are not a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, falconer, or veterinarian working with a licensed individual or organizational permit, specific information on how to care for protected species is not available for ordering through this site.

If your situation is somewhere in between, for example, you are an apprentice, intern, permit pending, live in a country where there is no licensing process, or a state where only the centers are licensed, please contact us and let us know before ordering.

We do offer to anyone a nice selection of books that detail natural history and related topics. For those looking to join the profession, we provide information on reaching state and federal offices that can guide you. We also give information on other professional organizations in wildlife rehabilitation.

Wildlife Publications believes that the authors should benefit from their labors. We do pay royalties to encourage authors to write and keep their materials current. Wildlife rehabilitation and veterinary medicine are constantly improving their methods. Our goal is to offer the highest quality information and we help our authors do just that. If you are an interested author, please contact us.

Wildlife Publications offers lecture courses to wildlife health care professionals. The seminars page lists lecture courses that are currently available and information on our instructors. if you would like to develop a class, please allow a three-month lead time for an organized mailing to potential attendees, registration, booking a site, and other details. It does not require any financial investment to host a class; however, there is a considerable amount of local coordination and effort required. To inquire on the details of hosting a class, please contact us.

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