Seminar Instructors

African Tree Leopard

Jan White

Jan White, DVM, has been a wildlife rehabilitator since 1975. She attended UC Davis veterinary school from 1985 to 1989. Upon graduation, Jan served as operations manager for the International Bird Rescue Research Center, working at over 20 oil spills from small pipeline spills in California to the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska.

In 1992, Jan returned to UC Davis to help create the Wildlife Health Center at the veterinary school and work as a researcher on the faculty at the Institute of Toxicology and Environmental Health. Jan served as the Executive Director of IWRC from 1987 to 1995, and served as Editor of the Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation until October 1997. She worked as the wildlife veterinarian for the state of Arizona from October of 1997 to September 1998.

Jan launched Wildlife Publications in the summer of 1997. She is currently practicing small and exotic animal medicine at the Renton Veterinary Hospital, which she owns.

Astrid Kasper

Astrid Kasper, DVM, has been a wildlife rehabilitation since 1992. Educated in Vienna, Austria, Astrid practiced small animal medicine in New York and Illinois prior to moving to California. She began volunteering at the Lindsay Museum in Walnut Creek, CA and has helped to develop an in-house veterinary program.

Teaching wildlife rehabilitators how to approach wildlife disease problems has become a specialty for Astrid. She served as the wildlife rehabilitation staff veterinarian at the International Bird Rescue Research Center from September 1995 to August 1986.

Astrid serves as the Brown Towhee rehabilitation team leader for the Lindsay Museum. She served as an associate editor for the Journal of Wildlife Rehabilitation until mid-1998. Astrid is currently employed at the Four Corners Veterinary Hospital in Walnut Creek, CA.

Glenn Gauvry

Glenn Gauvry, President of the Ecological Resource Development Group, divides his time between conservation efforts for the Horse Shoe Crab in Delaware (where he lives), and developing new technology and techniques to improve oiled wildlife response. Glenn responded to 35 oil spills between 1990 and 1996, including pipeline ruptures of fuel oil in New Jersey, vessel discharges of Arabian crude in the West Indies, and vessel ruptures of crude oil in Wales. He also served as a member of the Tri-State Bird Rescue.

Glenn has presented 80 Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation and Incident Response Workshops to industry groups, government agencies, wildlife rehabilitators, biologists, and veterinarians throughout the United States, Canada, the Caribbean, and the United Kingdom. From contingency planning to operations management, Glenn brings a great deal of current expertise to any training.

George Ghneim

George Ghneim, DVM, has been working in wildlife rehabilitation since 1991. Educated at UC Davis in California, George practices small and exotic animal medicine at the Sacramento Veterinary Surgical Clinic one day a week and is also a full-time Ph.D./MPVM student. His Ph.D. thesis involves working to solve the problem of leptospirosis in California Sea Lions.

George worked at the California Raptor Center for three years, serving as an Assistant Supervisor. He has extensive experience in the handling and training birds of prey. He also worked with a wide array of species at the non-domestic animal ward at UC Davis, serving as a veterinary technician for one and one-half years. He is particularly interested in epidemiology and wildlife diseases.

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